Crystals and healing stones can be confusing when you first start out, can’t they?

There are so many options, so many uses, and so many ways to use crystals!

This category is our guide for:

Using crystals for healing
How to use crystals
What to do with crystals
Best way to use crystals

We also write articles to discuss the use of crystals now, in the past, and how they can help to heal in the future.

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Best Crystals For Vivid Dreams

Looking for the best crystals for vivid dreams? Here are 11 crystals you should use to help bring you more vivid and potentially lucid dreams.

Best Crystals For A New Home

7 Best Crystals For A New Home

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lady holding a bowl of cleansed crystals

How To Cleanse Crystals – 7 Ancient Methods

Are you looking for some ideas on how to cleanse your crystals? You will already know that crystals need to be cleansed to reinvigorate then and remove negative energy, so here are 7 ancient ways to cleanse them