Best Crystals For Vivid Dreams

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I’m Suzanne, the spirituality guru. With over a decade of experience studying and practicing all things spiritual, I am here to guide you on your spiritual journey.

Vivid dreams are intense dreams you can recall as soon as you wake.

Some vivid dreams can be bad, some can be good, and some can be very helpful!

There are a few theories about why we dream. I like to embrace dreams, good and bad. It’s an experience.

This post will look at the best 10 crystals to help vivid dreaming.

Best Crystals for Vivid Dreams

Take control of your spiritual self by including the following crystals in your sleeping routines. Insightful, vivid dreams and increased dream recall ability are only a few benefits these stones can provide.

And if you feel unrest and like you need guidance, using these crystals will bring the peace that you need.

There is also a chance these crystals can induce a lucid dreaming state, where you can control your dreams. Lucid dreams are something I do occasionally, and it is an incredible experience.



Called the stone of contentment and spirituality, Amethyst has strong connections with the crown chakra. This crystal channels energy to improve your likelihood of sleeping profoundly and maximum relaxation to create vivid dreams.

Additionally, Amethyst can allow you to lower stress and anxiety levels by purifying negative energies.

Use Amethyst crystals if:

  • You need to calm your mind and clear your thoughts before sleeping.
  • You desire to experience other realms and enhanced physic awareness.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

The Rainbow Moonstone or White Labradorite can provide a natural link between you and higher consciousness. This crystal soothes the mind by improving harmony flow, leading to restful sleep. Under its influence, you experience better focus, more clarity, and a stable state of mind.

Rainbow Moonstone crystals also open your consciousness, granting full control over your vivid dreams.

Use Rainbow Moonstone if:

  • You feel anxious and want to get rid of negative energies before bed.
  • You need an open mind for more control and creativity while having vivid dreams.



Lepidolite calms racing thoughts and regulates mood swings. This crystal stabilizes your energy to soothe your soul. It may allow you to take care of potential blockages and overcome self-defeating tendencies. A healed psychological and emotional self will have a much better night’s sleep.

Use Lepidolite if:

  • You deal with self-deprecating thoughts invading your mind before sleeping.
  • You feel trapped in constant thoughts, keeping you from resting fully.



Moldavite is a powerful crystal for rapid change. It draws energy from the extraterrestrial plane, sending a warm feeling throughout your body upon first contact.

Moldavite crystals take you over your limits by amplifying energy and enabling your subconscious to dream vividly.

Use Moldavite if:

  • You’re a spiritual individual who wants to experience intense vivid dreams.
  • You want to improve your ability to transcend into previous lives and remember dreams more vividly.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Wake your Third Eye chakra and your subconscious mind with this blue crystal. Lapis Lazuli allows you to establish an energetic connection with the astral world and invoke vivid reams through expansion and more mental awareness.

By enabling synergy between your conscious and subconscious, this crystal can make it easier for you to be more receptive to vivid dreams.

Use Lapis Lazuli if:

  • You want a better connection between your conscious and subconscious.
  • You want to communicate with spirit guides while having vivid dreams.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

A Red Jasper crystal emanates powerful energy to lift the spirit and keep it under protection against bad energies. Also called the “Endurance Stone,” this crystal balances the traumatizing and chaotic circumstances of your daily life and dreams.

Use Red Jasper if:

  • You need to make peace with particular circumstances in your life.
  • You want a harmonious state of mind and less chaotic dreams.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Channel your heart chakra and synchronize it with your mind and body via Rose Quartz crystals. This stone stabilizes every aspect of yourself, bringing peace to your mind, body, and heart.

Rose Quartz is also an energy-filled love crystal, allowing you to immerse yourself in more romantic dreams.

Use Rose Quartz if:

  • You want to improve the ease of vivid dreaming.
  • You want more romance and fulfilling sensations in your vivid dreams.



Ametrine combines Amethyst and Citrine, offering the energies of both crystals. This one manages negative energies surrounding you to improve mental clarity.

In its presence, you will feel a sense of serenity and harmony to be more connected with your inner consciousness and dream work.

Use Ametrine if:

  • You wish to experience more clarity and serenity and get restful sleep.
  • You want a deeper connection with your subconscious for more insightful, vivid dreams.


Black Obsidian

The black stone brings clarity to your mind and grounds your energy following an astral projection. Obsidian crystals also heal traumatic experiences, eliminating bad vibes from previous relationships and helping you find peace with the past and future.

Use Obsidian if:

  • You need a crystal for balance and protection.
  • You wish to bring stability to your thoughts and habits.



Azurite allows you to gain access to astral travel with ease. This crystal enhances your meditation and induces keen imagination. Using Azurite will also increase your intuition skills and physical awareness.

Elevating your consciousness in this manner is an effortless method to experience vivid dreams.

Use Azurite if:

  • You need guidance to travel on an astral level with more awareness.
  • You wish to have a keen mind for better dream recall.

Why Use Crystals for Vivid Dreams?

Dreams are sometimes a gate to the spiritual realm, allowing you to tap into this layer of consciousness for more perspective on your life experiences. Vivid dreaming and the ability to recall dreams usually provide more insight into incidents you lived during the present day or in the past.

Making peace with these events and controlling your dreams feels rewarding, but it will also help you sleep better. A rested mind is a sharp mind.

Therefore, using crystals for vivid dreaming is more than tapping into the dream world. It will help you be healthier and more productive in life.

How to Use Crystals for Vivid Dreaming

Use the crystals for vivid dreaming as follows:

  • Place the crystal between your eyebrows. This technique allows you to improve your third eye chakra meditation skills.
  • Hold the stone to practice sleep meditation.
  • Place the stones below your pillow before sleeping. Placing crystals on the nightstand or close to you during sleep will also help.

These are only a few methods you can use to draw the energy of a crystal and feel more at peace. However, feel free to use them the way you feel the most comfortable. Each person is different, and your perspective is unique.

Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals regularly.


Vivid dreams can stay with you for weeks, they are that realistic. When you come out of that dream state and recall it immediately, it’s a great feeling! The 10 crystals on this page will help bring on vivid dreams and the occasional lucid dream.

Here is a tip for you: In life, check your watch regularly to see if it recording the time correctly. Then when you dream, you will also check your watch. Try to take the digits move with your mind. If you can do this, you may be in a dream. This sounds strange, but it is true! I’ve done this in my dream, and I’ve noticed the digits moving. Once this happens, I always try to fly, and if I am in a dream, I am successful.

If you enter a lucid dream – just enjoy it!

Quick note; If you regularly have bad vivid dreams, it can negatively impact your life, leading to increased anxiety and other mental health issues.

So if you begin having bad dreams, you should consider stopping using these crystals.

Good luck!

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