11 Best Crystals for Highly Sensitive People

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Life can be a real struggle when you are a highly sensitive person.

Reacting strongly in certain situations and from criticism are just two of the challenges.

But it is not all negative.

A highly sensitive person also has an incredible ability to sense and respond to other people’s moods, be more empathetic, and live a rewarding inner life.

If you want some help tackling the negative aspects, the following crystals may help.

Here are the best 11 crystals you can use if you are a highly sensitive person.

11 Best Crystals for Highly Sensitive People

Living life as a highly sensitive person or empath can be tricky. Experiencing other people’s emotions and being perceptive of their energies can be off-putting most of the time.

Traveling through these experiences without draining your spirit and soul is essential to living a joyful life.

In that regard, crystals are excellent allies to battle negative thoughts and energies. The following stones will help you maintain a positive outlook on life as you fend off toxic emotions and people that want to bring you down.

Smokey Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Using Smokey Quartz as an empath grounds you and allows you to settle after a long day. This stone can also protect you by keeping your spirit on a high note if you feel exhausted from other people’s emotions. Use this crystal as the ultimate shield to help keep negativity away.

Moreover, carrying a Smokey Quartz stone in the presence of others can absorb bad vibes and promote natural healing.



Trust on Moonstone to bring good fortune and strength for growth. As an HSP, this stone can stabilize your emotions by keeping you true to yourself and reducing stress.

Your intuition can also improve under the presence of this crystal, allowing you to identify negative energies and keep them away. Some use moonstones for inspiration to maintain a positive spirit and warm soul to face the complexities of life.



Amethysts are protection stones that guard highly sensitive people against psychic and emotional attacks. Your reaction to rumors, gossip, and other offenses should improve under the protection of this stone.

Using Amethyst crystals can also improve your intuition, allowing you to separate your emotions from others nearby. This ability is handy to avoid confusion, making it clear when you deal with other people’s emotions instead of your own.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Often known as the heart chakra stone, Rose Quartz is a trustworthy ally to empaths for various reasons. This crystal allows you to feel at peace with yourself, providing a feeling of harmony and positive energy.

Keep this stone around when you’re near other people to help fend off negative energies, toxic emotions, and dark moods.



Agate and its variations, like Brown Agate, are ideal grounding stones to keep you on your feet even under turbulent times. These crystals help to create a barrier that bounces any negative energy coming your way. This powerful stone can be of significant help when you’re dealing with a toxic environment.

Bringing a piece of Agate with you soothes your soul, comforting and stabilizing you.



Hematite is an excellent crystal at absorbing and deflecting negative emotions. This stone can help you keep your sensitive mind under control by providing relaxation and a sense of peace. Thus, focusing on the positive side will be easier when you are near negative people.

Separating your emotions from other people’s emotions is also easier with this stone, keeping you from feeling overwhelmed by others. 

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

If you need to shield your aura, this crystal is for you. Rainbow Moonstone effectively protects your energy to avoid feeling drained.

The importance of this crystal is evident when someone close to you is negative, and you must deal with them frequently. Additionally, this stone can help to improve spiritual recovery if you recently emerged from an overwhelming situation.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian can help to purify the air and frees your surroundings of bad energies. Known as a barrier stone, this crystal shields you from bad fortune to maintain your body and mind at ease.

Another benefit of Obsidian is that it helps to protect you from psychic threats you may not recognize at first.



This green-colored crystal brings new beginnings for you when you feel stuck in a stagnant situation. Also called a heart chakra stone, Malachite promotes self-confidence, love, and fresh starts.

For a sensitive person, this stone allows you to face daily situations with more resilience and wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is among the most mystical stones related to the Third Eye chakra. When you implement it in your routine, this stone fills you with the power and energy to stay true to your perspective of life.

And this way, you can face every situation with a sense of invincibility, setting your foot down without doubts. Lapis Lazuli will help you find peace with your ideals when you feel like you’re waning.



Even a small Lepidolite stone can provide calmness after a day of overwhelming emotions. This crystal helps restore and heal your exhausted spirit when you feel like you need a fresh reset.

Additionally, Lepidolite tackles the effects of negative thoughts to keep you connected to your heart and chakra.

How to Use Crystals for Highly Sensitive People

You can use crystals differently to keep your body, mind, and soul at ease. For example, you could wear crystals as jewelry in necklaces or carry one anywhere you go. During meditation, place the crystal near you to draw its energy as you channel your inner self.

Using these stones for healing and restoration is also possible. Place them over the part of your body requiring attention, and meditate. The vibrations of the crystals will make you feel overcome with a sense of relaxation and stress reduction.

Tips to Use Crystals as a Highly Sensitive Person

Spiritual baths can help cleanse your soul and mind. You can take these special baths every month. They will allow you to remove any negative energy and toxic thoughts.

Carrying larger stones is not necessary. You can enjoy the benefits of these crystals regardless of their size, whether you wear them as jewelry or keep them in your pocket. Taking a big crystal with you everywhere will only be inconvenient.

Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals! Maintain your preferred crystal cleansed to deter negative energies from invading your spiritual guards. Ideally, you must cleanse the crystals every one or two weeks to guarantee their effectiveness.

Compatibility with Other Healing Practices

Crystals are often used in conjunction with other healing practices like Reiki, sound therapy, or aromatherapy, potentially enhancing the overall experience. The belief is that crystals can amplify or complement the energy work done by these practices, although the effectiveness and interaction are subjective and can vary by individual.

Duration for Noticeable Effects

The time it takes to notice the benefits of using crystals can vary widely among individuals and depends on several factors, including the type of crystal, the condition being addressed, and the person’s sensitivity to the crystal’s energy. Some may feel effects immediately, while others may need prolonged exposure.

Scientific Basis for Crystal Effects

The scientific community remains skeptical about the efficacy of crystals in healing, citing a lack of empirical evidence supporting their effectiveness beyond placebo effects. However, anecdotal evidence and personal testimonials continue to support their use among practitioners and individuals.


There you have it, my top 11 crystals for highly sensitive people!

Feel free to try each one individually or a collection of them. Take in the healing properties of these healing crystals. Also, concentrate on removing negative talk, negative vibes, and the toxic energy in your life.

Increase your personal power!

Don’t forget to clean your crystals and recharge them regularly too.

Good luck.

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