Crystals for emotional healing: the best stones for healing

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Crystals have long been used for spiritual and healing purposes.

They’re believed to hold magical powers and are used for various purposes, including healing and protection.

While there are many different kinds of crystals, each one is associated with a specific meaning.

Here, we explore the meaning of some of the most common crystals and how you can use them to support your well-being.

Crystals for emotional healing the best stones for healing

9 Crystals You Can Use For Emotional Healing



Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz and is one of the most popular crystals.
The healing properties of amethyst have been known for centuries.

It is thought to be particularly useful for healing emotional wounds, relieving anxiety, improving sleep, and boosting spiritual awareness.

Amethyst is typically associated with February and the zodiac sign Aquarius. It is believed to be a good stone for those born under this sign.

To use amethyst crystals, create a healing grid by placing them on a flat surface. Then, sit on the grid and meditate for 10 minutes daily to help clear your mind and reduce stress. You can also carry amethyst crystals with you to help relieve anxiety.

They are also effective if you hold them in your hands and imagine the color purple being infused into your hands. Then, place the crystals on the body parts that need healing, focusing on the areas where you are experiencing pain.

To use amethyst crystals for sleep, hold one in each hand and place them on your forehead, between your eyes, and chest. Wash your hands before and after you hold on to the crystals.



Peridot is a green variety of quartz, which is typically found in Brazil.

Peridot is traditionally believed to be the spleen, liver, and pancreas gemstone.

It is also associated with the zodiac sign Pisces.

It is believed, anecdotally, that wearing peridot crystals may help prevent and treat various illnesses.

To use peridot crystals, hold them in your hands for 10 minutes each day.

To use peridot crystals for healing, hold them in one hand and place them on the area of the body that is in pain. Then, hold them in the other hand and place them on the area of the body that is not in pain.



Howlite is a pale green variety of quartz.

It is estimated that 85 percent of all stones in Japan are howlite, making it one of the most popular stones worldwide.

Howlite was traditionally used for healing and grounding.

It is also believed to increase the immune system and aid in the protection of the body from toxins.

Hold a piece of the crystals for 10 minutes each day. You can also expand your energy by shaking it. Hold them in your hands and draw a triangle with your thumbs and index fingers for healing.

You can also hold them in your hands and press them tightly against your body for more grounding and protection.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pink variety of quartz, one of the most popular gemstones in the world.

Rose quartz is often used in healing and meditation as it is considered the stone of unconditional love.

It is believed to help develop self-love and extend compassion for others. Rose quartz is sometimes referred to as the ‘love stone.’

To use rose quartz, place it under your pillow each night to calm your mind before you sleep.



Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz and is often referred to by its nickname – the ‘seer stone.’

This is because citrine is believed to increase empathy and your ability to see the bigger picture, which will help the healing process.

It is also believed to help you become more creative and increase productivity at work.

To use citrine crystals, place them in your car to help encourage a positive attitude and to prevent road rage.



Aquamarine is a blue-green variety of beryl and is one of the most popular gemstones.

Aquamarine is believed to help you find balance in everyday life by reducing stress and encouraging creativity.

To use aquamarine crystals, hold one in each hand and think about how you can achieve your dreams. This will help the healing process.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate, also known as ‘compass love stone,’ is a type of agate and is one of the most popular crystals.

Blue lace agate is believed to give the wearer the ability to find peace of mind while encouraging trust.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a dark variety of stone known as a boulder.

It is believed to be an especially powerful stone, absorbing and releasing energy.

To use black tourmaline, place the crystals around your home. You can also hold the crystals for 10 minutes when feeling low.

It is also believed that dark crystals can help prevent nightmares and R.E.M sleep.



Bloodstone is a type of quartz and is a type of chalcedony.

It is believed to be a stone of protection, encouraging strength and courage.

It is also believed to be a stone of bravery, which is said to protect against negativity.

Black tourmaline and bloodstone are both considered to be pyroelectric, as it means that they demonstrate natural electrical conductance.

To use a bloodstone, hold and wear a small piece.

A piece of black tourmaline is also a useful choice of stone to place under your bed at night to encourage a positive mental attitude, which is a core part of the healing process.


So there you go – a guide to some of the most popular crystals in the world for healing.

You can wear your crystals in various ways, but it’s important to note that using crystals can be quite a complex process.

When choosing a crystal, you need to think about your goals, your intentions, and what it is that you hope to achieve.

Don’t forget to clean your crystals regularly and charge them too.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the information, remember to relax, breathe, and do what you feel comfortable with.

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