7 Best Crystals For A New Home

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So, you have just got yourself a new home? You must be excited, right?

Well, among all the excitement of getting into your new home, it would be natural for you to forget about blessing the new house. And let’s not forget that the previous owner can leave some bad energy in the home, which you might not know about.

So, what should you do to tackle these? Get the best crystals for a new home! But getting crystals with proven cleansing powers is not easy. I struggled a lot when moving to a new home for the first time.

But the good news is that you will not need to go through the same struggles I did. I am here to ensure that!

7 Best Crystals For A New Home

Curated List of Crystals for a New Home

I focus on three primary aspects when getting into a new home. They are; cleansing the bad energy left by the previous owners, protecting my new house from negative energies, and getting it filled up with positive energy of my own.

Wondering which crystals for a new home can offer you these three? Here is a brief description:

To Purify the Home: Shungite


Shungite is one of the rare minerals that you can find. It is only available in the Karelia region of Russia. This crystal has been known to humankind for centuries and is well-known for its purifying and healing traits. At its core, the crystal has a pretty rare carbon structure.

This unique structure is often found in some meteorites. For its formation, the crystal has gone through tons of studies. And according to Russian scientists, the unique carbon structure of Shungite is exactly what makes it highly effective in purifying the home.

Shungite is a natural antioxidant as well. It can capture different elements, including fluoride, chlorine, chemicals, and radioactive particles. Also, it has the ability to protect you from electromagnetic fields.

However, you should note that these mind-blowing traits are generally found in the “Noble” Shungite crystals. Otherwise known as “Elite” Shungite, these kinds have more than 98 percent carbon. And they are of the highest quality.

For Getting Rid of Negativity: Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

One of the most beautiful forms of Quartz is Smoky Quartz. You are sure to fall in love with the dark yet transparent nature of the crystal at first glance. But what is it known for? Well, the crystal is said to be highly effective against negative thoughts. It captures all of the negativity and keeps you away from stressing out.

Smoky Quartz is also believed to have the ability to absorb bad energy that you might be carrying with you without knowing about it. It can also take care of the negative energy previous owners might have left in the home.

As the crystal can eliminate negative energy, people often call it the powerful guardian stone. And if you get it for your new home, you will be safe from evil and bad attacks.

To Clear Out Negative Energy: Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

The most common type of Quartz is the clear one. They are also one of the most popular types of Quartz. Why? Otherwise known as the “master healer,” Clear Quartz is highly versatile and powerful.

These Quartz are known for offering a shield and protecting the user from negative energies. That is why many wear them as a piece of jewelry to absorb negative energy. You can even keep them inside the bag that you carry around.

On that note, usually, the largest and purest forms have better effects. But you can also use multiple smaller pieces to amplify the crystal’s overall effect.

To Get Protection from Evil: Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is best known as a protective stone, typically worn as an amulet. It offers protection against evil forces. But the protection trait is not the only thing this crystal can offer. It is highly versatile and can amplify emotional fortitude, enhance self-confidence, and boost vitality.

This crystal is perfect for protection from evil forces in the new home.

To Protect Relationships: Pyrite


Another famous stone that I have for this list is Pyrite. People use it for protection, but it is unique from the other stones I have discussed. This stone will strengthen the bonds. The silvery stone will offer protection from different kinds of negative interactions and thought patterns in your relationships.

It can also help to create a barrier for people who want or tries to get in the middle of a relationship. The crystal even helps you to get positive influences from the negative ones.

For Enjoying Positivity: Amethyst


Want to fill your home with positive energies? Amethyst is the crystal that you want to get! It is a purple gemstone that helps to balance your mental and emotional well-being. The gem captures all the negative energy and converts it into something positive.

You will enjoy protection from doubts, fears, and bad energies when you get it for your new home. And it will help your new house to get filled up with positive vibrations.

To Bless Your New Home: Selenite


Selenite is known to be the best crystal to have for blessing a new home. It is a powerful crystal that can eliminate negativity and enhance serenity. The crystal is also known for creating a barrier around your home. This barrier will offer protection from different negative energies.

Charging The Crystals You Will Use For Your New Home

Follow this process to charge your crystals:

Pour clean, purified water over the crystal. Then, place the crystal you want to charge in the sunlight or moonlight for at least three hours.

Also, do not forget to cleanse your crystals.

How to Use Crystals in Your New Home

Here are some suggestions on how you can use the crystals in your new home:

  • Place crystals in the box that holds your mail
  • Place crystals in the center of your home and in the center of each room (if you can)
  • Place crystals near windows that receive a lot of sunlight throughout the day
  • Wear crystals while in your house
  • Place crystals under your pillow (do not do this if you have young children)


I have been using all the crystals for a new home I discussed in the list. And truth be told, all of them have been making my house feel like a home. I rarely felt stressed, worried about things, and feared negative energies.

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