How To Cleanse Crystals – 7 Ancient Methods

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Not only are they beautiful stones, but crystals have also been used in spirituality to play a crucial role in removing negative energies from your home and space.

They are also believed to aid in spiritual progress while meditating. As pretty as they look on the outside, crystals need cleansing from time to time.

Here I am going to give you some advice on how to clean your crystals.

How To Cleanse Crystals - 7 Ancient Methods

Why Cleansing Your Crystals Is Important

At least once in our lives, each of us has experienced a negative vibe while visiting a particular place, right?

The energy in such areas is so heavy and sluggish that we feel like leaving the atmosphere as soon as possible. This is because everything in this material world (including our bodies) tends to absorb all kinds of energies and psychic impressions.

Most people do not realize that negative energy has an impact on us!

Crystals, in particular, tend to absorb energies which is why these are installed inside homes and spiritual spaces. Crystals act as energy filters that absorb all kinds of maleficent energies.

Just like cleaning your vacuum cleaner’s dust bags, crystals also need cleansing to flush out the psychic debris it has sucked in over time.

How Often Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

Some things cannot be made conceptual. For example, you cannot put a time frame on crystal cleansing. It mostly depends on how often you are using them.

If you don’t use your crystals regularly, we feel that cleansing them once every few months should be enough. But if you are using them regularly during your spiritual practices, it is better to do cleaning at least twice a month.

Some stones are self-cleansing, such as Carnelian, Selenite, and Halite. You can keep a self-cleansing stone with your crystals so that it will cleanse them regularly; that’s cheating!

How To Cleanse Your Crystals And Remove Negative Energy

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You can use several tried and tested techniques to cleanse your crystals. For example, you can choose a method based on your crystal’s type, nature, and color.

Here are some of the best crystal cleansing methods that you can do at home:

1. Singing Bowl

Using sounds is the most effective and straightforward way of purifying crystals.

Since ancient times, sounds and music have been used to aid healing and therapy and create a perfect meditation atmosphere.

Buddhist monks have used singing bowls to clear negativity and to invite uplifting energies. Singing bowls produce a very soothing sound similar to that of bells. This sound calms the mind and is used regularly by Buddhists during meditation.

A singing bowl will be designed to build powerful and pure vibrations. Sound therapy is one of the most effective and natural ways of developing over-all wellbeing and good health.

The gentle and pure vibrations that emanate from these singing bowls are powerful enough to remove the most stubborn energies settled in your crystals.

When you use sounds for purifying your crystals, you also remove the heavy energies from your body and your home, making them sacred and pure.

The music balances your chakras and purifies your aura while playing the singing bowl.

2. Keeping Them In Nature

crystal being placed in dirt

Crystal specialists believe that when you bury the crystals in soil, nature cleans them naturally. However, this technique is most appropriate when you need a heavy cleansing. It is easy and said to deliver the best results.

You need to find a clean space to bury your crystal and bury them only a few inches below the ground.

You can keep them there for anywhere between 2 to 3 days to ensure your crystals emerge thoroughly cleansed.

3. Rice

Some practitioners believe that rice can be used for cleansing. Although this method is suitable for all types, it is the most beneficial for delicate and soft crystals.

Take a bowl of brown rice and place the crystals in it for a day.

After taking out the stones, dispose of the rice, do not eat it!

4. Water Cleansing

Water neutralizes negative energy. All of us have experienced the healing power of water from time to time.

Whenever we feel down, a glass of water or a soak in the bath is all we need to feel energized.

Water can have the same effect on crystals. Hold your precious stones under rain, stream, or tap water for five minutes. Natural water is best, so opt for rain or stream water in the first instance.

This method works well on strong stones such as turquoise, quartz, and amethyst.

5. Smoke Cleansing

burning smoke to clean crystals

Smoking, also known as smudging, has also been around for a long time.

Fragrant woods are used in many cultures to cleanse rooms and other items. According to Alternative health practitioners, you can smoke crystals using sage sticks, cedar, sandalwood, and frankincense.

When you smoke the crystals, the negative energies gathered inside the crystals move out, and the stones’ vibrational frequency increases.

6. Saltwater Cleansing

Saltwater cleansing, too, has been practiced for centuries across various ancient cultures.

Feng Shui recommends bathing with salt water to remove stagnant energies from our bodies. The components in salt are believed to absorb the unwanted energies from the stones.

The crystals need to be soaked overnight to rid them of the debris, and experts believe that natural seawater is the best option for this method.

7. Sunbathing and Moon bathing

moon bathing

When you feel that your precious stones have become dull or don’t seem to be as effective as before, it means you need to cleanse your crystals.

Place them directly under moonlight (preferably full moon) or sunlight for a minimum of 4 hours to see results. Harnessing sun and moon energy for cleansing are ancient practices.

Sunbathing is best for warm-hued crystals. But when exposed for too long, the crystals can fade.

Softer stones can be cleansed through this method, but certain delicate stones can lose their quality when exposed to sunlight. Check with a crystal expert if this method can treat your crystals.

Take advantage of a full moon to help cleanse your crystals!

Conclusion – Our Recommendation

All the methods mentioned in this article are effective in crystal cleansing. However, some of the methods have disadvantages.

If you cleanse your crystals using sunbathing, it can affect the quality of your crystals.

On the other hand, moon bathing takes a lot of time; similarly, using saltwater or water for cleansing can erode delicate crystals.

The best method with the minimum risk is using a singing bowl or high-vibration sound to cleanse the gems and remove negative energy.

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