Guide to Using Crystals For Spirituality

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Crystals have gained much fame and recognition these past few years due to their many benefits for consumers.

Crystals can also be used for meditation because they can help remove negative energy from the body and increase positive energy. It not only helps us emotionally but physically as well. These are called healing crystals.

Some crystals give positive energy, which protects a person or a property from negative energy. They also provide confidence to a person if they believe in the power and miracles of the crystal to remove anxiety and nervousness from the body.

They are also believed to help with self-growth or becoming more religious (although religion differs from spirituality).

When you find the right crystal, it’ll attract itself to you, and while holding it, you’ll feel mental and emotional relief which is immensely satisfying.

Crystals help us realize that there is more assertive energy to make our path to meditate and preach easier. They have the power to decrease all our negative energy and substitute it with positive energy, which can help with enlightening ourselves and understanding spirituality.

Guide to Using Crystals For Spirituality

Crystals Help With Spirituality

To relax the mind, people use many techniques like yoga, meditation, exercise, etc., and some people use crystals to relax and follow the path of spirituality.

The crystals are seen not only as a stone by a spiritual person but also as a precious asset to be loved and cared for to gain positive energy. They help with learning spiritual practices and with meditating.

Every human has some energy; some have a positive energy that flows through them to others and helps them with blessings and happiness. Some people have negative energy like jealousy, anger, and stress, which makes them unapproachable.

Unlike humans, crystals only have positive energy flowing through them, and by using these energies, people can also have a helpful nature and stability in life. Choosing the perfect crystal for you is not difficult because your intuition will guide you to it.

History Of Healing Crystals

healing crystals in bowl with lavendar

Crystals have been found on the earth’s surface since the beginning of time, and they possess the earth’s energy which can be used for spirituality.

In the past, Hinduism also formed philosophies that these crystals help cure different mental and physical illnesses and can be used as healing stones.

It is believed that some tribes used to bury the crystals after someone’s death to offer protection and keep them safe. They were also buried with loved ones to show their royalty in the afterlife.

Crystals were mined in ancient Egypt primarily for jewelry but were also used in practice (as healing crystals) due to their metaphysical properties.

Indian cultures heavily influence crystal healing as it is written in their holy texts.

British and North American crystal healing has links to witchcraft and is used during meditation sessions to offer power, protection, and healing.

Crystals – Ways To Use

lady being healed with crystals

There are many kinds of crystals, and every crystal has its energy to help people if they believe in it and follow their intuitions on improving their community and themselves. The crystals can be differentiated by their available colors; for example, purple is called amethyst, and they are potent healing crystals.

  1. Crystals help understand the spiritual process and assist with a person’s spiritual growth.
  2. In the modern world, with so much work pressure and negative vibes, everyone needs to relax, forget their fears and negative thoughts, and move on. Some crystals give us the power to overcome our fears and release our anxiety and depression.
  3. Sleep is essential for a person and also helps in gaining complete spirituality. However, some people can’t sleep properly or have bad dreams due to their past or overuse of medications. To help with this, some crystals are used to be near us while sleeping to prevent bad dreams and get a complete and relaxing sleep.
  4. Although there are many ways to charge used crystals, like putting them in sunlight, moonlight, soil, etc., some are used to charge other crystals that have lost their energy and power after many uses.
  5. Addictive and healthy habits have become a problem for many people, and it is tough to stop them from destroying our bodies and mind. There’s a crystal that helps prevent us from repeating our bad habits; it also shows us what our future will be if we continue on the wrong road, enlightening us to end these destructive habits.
  6. Spirituality is a hard process for non-believers, and the first step to spirituality is knowing our weaknesses and surrendering to God’s power. Another type of crystal includes those that help in self-discovery and make our path to spirituality easier by understanding our flaws and how to change them into positive potential.
  7. Some healing crystals are known for repair, often used by singers and activists because they are good for their throats. These crystals can be used to sing beautifully for hours on end.
  8. People who suffer from injuries, whether internal or external, need some energy to calm their minds and decrease their pain. Some crystals help in healing those injuries and comfort our inner thoughts.
  9. Students are trying their best to succeed in life, but the pressure from parents, friends, and competition has decreased their focus and made them lose their mighty strength. Another type of crystal includes those that offer energy to focus and increase our mind power.
  10. There are many kinds of crystals, but the best type provides emotional calm by making us forget bad memories and helping us move into a positive future. These types of crystals are very powerful.

You can buy these crystals by visiting nearby shops since that’s the best way to find the crystal specifically for you and your needs.

Charging Your Crystals

crystals charging in earth

Crystals need cleansing and charging.

There are different ways to charge your healing crystals since they lose energy after much use, and by doing these small tasks, you can charge them again for your use.


In the afternoon, keep the crystals on the windowsill of your home or on your roof to let them charge in the sunlight.


Another way to charge your crystals is by keeping them in the grass or earth, which will help them regain energy.


Keeping the crystals outside overnight in front of the moon can regain their positive energy and help in spiritual practices.

You can also use moon water for crystal charging.


Adding salt to the water and keeping crystals in that mixture also helps the crystals charge since salt is believed to have repair properties.


Crystals are believed to boost our energy, release negative energies, and convert them into positive ones, which we can use to become more spiritual.

First, believe in the powers of the crystals. Believe that they can change your life for the better. Believe in their source on the earth and how they are balanced and stable. Believe that they can make your path easier and more worthwhile for the spiritual journey ahead.

Crystals should be cherished to improve ourselves and our society. It may take some time for beginners to practice spirituality with crystals and power stones. Still, after some hard effort and practice, anyone can follow along the path of spirituality, armed with the power of crystals!

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