10 Spiritual Practices You Should Know

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I’m Suzanne, the Alldivinity.com spirituality guru. With over a decade of experience studying and practicing all things spiritual, I am here to guide you on your spiritual journey.

Take a tiny step towards spirituality with small daily rituals to bring peace and wellness, create a sense of contentment and positivity, and improve lifestyle habits while finding a purpose in your life.

Spiritual practices are not limited to space or time. Instead, they are daily activities to enrich and awaken your life and bring you closer to spiritual reality. Such spiritual practices involve your true self to realize the meaning of utter happiness and letting go of negative thoughts.

Following a spiritual practice is possible awareness of self, conscious decision-making, and contentment.

Spirituality is a self-learning journey and comes with practice. Spiritual practices are critical elements of all religions across the world. They offer assistance and find our most profound values, address our yearning to associate with the divine, and lead us to travel to wholeness to cover all aspects of our existence.

Let’s look at 10 spiritual practices that will help you on your journey.

10 Spiritual Practices You Should Know

10 Easy To Follow Spiritual Practices You Can Start Today

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1. Spiritual Prayer

Prayer is a powerful practice that connects humanity with the divine and doesn’t have to be religious. Simply being grateful and showing it is enough. Successful people start their day by reciting a prayer and setting some time in the morning to connect with themselves and show gratitude.

Prayer brings mystic respite and comfort by taking you to the higher world of spirituality, crossing the physical materialistic boundaries to feel grateful.

Start praying daily and receive healing powers to live through the ups and downs of life.

2. Spiritual Meditation

Many successful individuals practice meditation daily. Most start their day by practicing mindfulness to inculcate a sense of positivity and peacefulness.

Meditation can be practiced by hearing a directed meditation or learning breathing techniques to connect with your true spirit.

Allow yourself to reach a state of calmness by practicing meditation, one of the basic spiritual practices.

3. Healing Affirmations and Count Your blessings

Say positive and say healing affirmations to self-boost mental and spiritual strength and bring confidence and a positive outlook with conviction.

The crux of this spiritual practice is inner healing to feel good about your life. Remember your blessings via self-talk since it reduces stress and worry.

Healing spiritual affirmations and recalling blessings help overcome negative emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, and greed.

Make a habit of writing your affirmations and reflecting upon good things daily. This will lift your inner self to attain higher spiritual strength.

4. Walking or Yoga

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Conscious walking or doing a yoga meditation is a form of spiritual practice. Make a ritual to follow this practice.

Walking offers clarity of thoughts and declutters the mind by reflecting upon the previous acts. It provides a space of quietness from the crowded daily routines and work tasks to reconnect with the inner self.

A simple stretch exercise, deep breathing activity, or a few yoga exercises will allow you to perform better.

5. Be a Part of a Spiritual Community

A spiritual community allows people to connect with others of the same faith. Combining spiritual thoughts binds a stronger community and strengthens their faith.

You meet people who share the same struggles, and when you assemble for a specific reason, you spread mutual hope and happiness.

It tends to grow a group of people together in the age of loneliness and isolation.

So, join a yoga class, visit a temple, or be part of a spiritual organization where you can meet like-minded people.

6. Read Spiritual Books and Scriptures

You can read spiritual books from spiritual leaders and authors to achieve spiritual wisdom.

Spiritual books share inspiring stories and ideas to start a journey of spiritual practices. Monks or spiritual gurus enlighten you on proceeding with a higher spiritual journey while learning to connect to yourself.

You can buy basic books on spirituality by the Dalai Lama or some beginners’ books and cultivate a habit of reading a few pages every day. Moreover, reading religious scriptures and understanding their depth provides a more significant revelation to understanding your higher self.

Reading books widens our thoughts, establishes a new way of happiness, and reduces stress.

7. Participate in Social Service

ladies talking socialising

Participate in social service, help others in need or support a family, or any service you desire to uplift society or an individual that may provide them happiness and bring them closer to humanity.

Social service is a way to involve yourself in a spiritual journey.

Volunteering or participating in any social cause or doing the smallest things adds value to your life and a sense of connectedness to your higher self.

8. Dedicate Quiet Time to Yourself

Life is running fast and busy throughout the day.

Create a habit of spending some quiet time with yourself.

Start with 5-10 minutes, then proceed for a longer period. It may not be enjoyable initially, but sooner, you will realize the benefits of having quiet time to add meaning and value to your busy schedule.

Spending time is a way to retrospect your life and requires determination.

9. Chanting

Chanting a shloka or a positive affirmation or memorizing a few holy scriptures lines requires a commitment to yourself to stay focused on the journey of self-awareness.

Certain troubles in life give stress and take away joy, so chanting and memorizing lessons from the scriptures offers rescue and a new perspective to tackle the situation.

This practice can provide answers in difficult times.

10. Listen to Positive Music and Spiritual Messages

spirituality music

Positive music is therapy and healing.

Develop a habit of listening to spiritual hymns or uplifting music. Music releases happy hormones in the body and takes you to a state of calmness and relaxation.

It flushes negative thoughts away and pours joy into your heart. Singing sacred songs creates a divine ambiance and pushes you to acknowledge your existence in the world.

Similarly, practice listening to spiritual messages whenever you get time. For example, keep downloaded videos or audio on your phone that speak of spiritual teachings and connect with a higher self at your convenience.

Fill your mind with positive, powerful thoughts and guard yourself against negativity.


Spiritual practices are experiments about life’s existence and create a framework of individual convictions when looking for the deeper meaning of life.

It is more noteworthy in life than in the physical or fabric world.

Spirituality is essential and is an additional way of managing everyday challenges in life and interfacing with something greater than ourselves.

Use these practices to enhance your spiritual journey!

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